Lost another swarm today. It happens when you have multiple beehives. If you are interested in beekeeping, follow my beekeeping journal here!

We sure are enjoying all the new birdhouses that I built and put up earlier this Spring. And so are the birds! The little babies in this house are about ready to fly away and start their own adventures!

We had a bit of a hailstorm today, I looked at the Hellebore in the front yard, it posed for me, holding some of the hail in it's 'hand'!

Well, THAT didn't take long! I just built and installed several new bird houses and the chickadees found them within hours! This particular bird house has been getting a LOT of action from several different birds. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before someone moves in!

Woke up this morning, to SNOW on the daffies! What a surprise, it so pretty!

Spring is not yet officially here ... but Spring is in the air! Today, I spent most of my time building beehive stands and bird houses. And would you just look at the colors - it almost looks like the kind of Easter basket I would be delighted with each year!

Locked down the incubator this morning! That means "no touchie until hatchie!"  I'm not sure where the term "lockdown" came from ... sounds  like it was coined by someone who watches too much television. But the word does convey the principle ... leave the eggs alone!

This weekend I wrapped up most of the garden fence project. The only thing I still need to do is run tensioning wire across the very top of the long sides of the garden. I will also run a wire along the bottom, about six inches off the surface of the ground in case small animals lean up on the fence or try to push through it. This was a lot of hard work, but now I can be assured that no deer, rabbits or other critters will be able to eat my garden! It's been a real struggle over the years.

With Spring right around the corner, I am starting to mass produce birdhouses in my woodshop. I like this particular model, in that the side swings out for easy cleaning. Will be putting up several of these on the property once they are painted and ready to go!

It's that time of the year to start incubating eggs! Thanks to my neighbor and friend, Sally, I've got 24 eggs incubating now. Today, they are 1/3 of the way and are ready to be candled! Candling eggs is a means of determining which eggs are developing and which are not by holding the egg in front of  a bright light source so you can see what's inside! This Mann Lake PP371 32-Egg incubator has built-in candling lights, so it's basically as easy as turning on the light! Additionally, this little incubator allows you to add water without lifting the lid.

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