When pullets are maturing and beginning to lay eggs, you will occasionally find a double-yolker egg in the nest. In this picture, both eggs were laid by five-month-old hens, hatched at the same time. If you think laying an egg every day might be uncomfortable, imagine laying something like what you see here - a double yolker! We always get a kick out of these and kids love 'em, as they are unique. But outside of having two yolks, they are just like any other egg. Just a tad bit larger. One of those hens is still walking funny this morning...

Yay, Spring seems a bit closer now! We've turned the corner and the days are starting to get longer. I was out near the gardens today and noticed that my rhubarb is already starting to come back! :)

Today I transplanted much of my kale into the main garden after rabbits came through and decimated the entire crop. I thought deer were the culprit at first, but have determined that our rapidly-multiplying bunny families are to blame. As the main garden is more-or-less rabbit-proof, I transplanted some of the kale there in order to enjoy a crop later in the season. 

I spent most of today weeding in my crop circle corn garden, and you can see I'm nowhere near done yet. Also put down fertilizer between the rows. What an awesome way to spend the day - working the dirt. But there's a saying here in the Pacific Northwest that if your corn isn't two feet tall by July 4, forget about a good harvest.

Here is my old mother hen, Lindy Chick. She is an EE (Easter Egger). She eats A LOT.

This is it, the first canning of the season! I canned the cipollini onions I harvested today. I followed  this great recipe. Note: be sure to have adequate ventilation. I had every fan going and still was crying throughout the process. I also used lemon thyme out of my wife's herb garden. 

Okay, now that I can't work in the garden, I continue to cook and can. This is one of my very favorite jams to make - Cranberry Spice jam. My gardening buddy, Kristi P., first turned me on to this and I'm hooked! The jam is easy to make, quick to can and makes the kitchen smell heavenly! This batch makes about 10 half pints of delectable jam. A few of you lucky ones may find this in your stocking!

Here is a link to the recipe! Enjoy!

The cover crop in the main garden is growing well.  This is Polar Triticale (yes, closely related to the food Tribbles love to eat!) mixed with Austrian Peas. The height right now ranges from 7 to 8 inches. Hoping it starts filling in a bit more - it's amazing how much seed it takes to adequately cover this area. This is my first foray into overwintering my gardens with cover crops ... stay tuned!

Here is a look at the main garden ... the Roma tomatoes are doing very well, as are the Juane Flammes and Black Cherry tomatoes. My Scarlett Red Runner beans are generating bean pods a foot long, and the regular green beans are coming on, too. Lemon cucumbers are flowering, Easypick Golden Hybrid squash are producing ... no complaints. Everything is on schedule and doing well. I'm not in the mood to start canning yet, anyway. :)

My wife and I were talking just last night about how poorly we are both dealing with winter. We are seriously sun- and warmth-deprived. While working in the greenhouse this afternoon, I noticed that my rhubarb are poking up out of the ground. That’s a promise of spring, right there. But it’s still a long ways off …

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