I love the occasional odd tomato we get ... :)

Love this photo!

In running water out to the back garden, I had to splice into an existing line that I put in earlier in the year. That proved to be no problem at all.

Update: It is November 15, 2015 at the time of this update. The water system I put in back in 2009 has performed flawlessly with no leaks or issues. It was a huge, necessary investment of time and money. :)

Yes, there really IS something called "World Naked Gardening Day." Saves on laundry detergent. Do your part. :)

Pumpkins and zucchini grow in the Silverdale garden.

The green beans are climbing the swing set and a few have reached the top. The onions are about ready to harvest.

LOTS of tomatoes are coming in now, and some are starting to turn.

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