In the distance, the “crop circle,” which is stuffed with Kandy Corn! You can also see the kids pool. — with Crop Circle, Green beans, Thundercloud Plum, Braeburn Apple, Onions, Black beans and Stella Cherry.

Here is an aerial view of the Crop Circle that magically appears on our acreage every year...

Here are some spectacular overhead shots of the main garden!

I often provide pumpkins for all my coworkers ... here is this year's pumpkin patch!

This is the thermometer in my jalapeno raised bed on July 29, 2009, at 2:55 p.m. Granted, the temperature is higher than actual in the raised bed, but only by about five degrees.

Here are the crookneck squash in “The Bottoms.” I took a day off work (July 29) to weed this area and cultivate the plants. This is a part of our property that is well out back and the lowest point on our acreage ... hence, the name.

The jalapeno and pepperoncini peppers are bursting out of the cold frames! My peppers always do VERY WELL in cold frames as it help compartmentalize the heat.

NOTE: If you are using treated wood to build a cold frame, be sure to use only wood that has really weathered and take care to use some sort of liner.

Green beans! I use an old swing set to act as a trellis. When it comes time to harvest, you just walk down the middle and pull them off! It’s like milking a cow!

HUNDREDS of jalapenos, like this one!

I will be canning tomatoes all summer long! Woohoo!

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