Jim shows how high the corn has grown in the Crop Circle.

The garden is also “home” to several critters. :)

In two or three days, I should be canning these pickles!! :)

The tomatillos are doing EXTREMELY well. Looking forward to canning some tomatillo salsa soon…

The Wall o’ Beans! There’s a swingset frame under all that. :)

Last week’s canning: tomatoes, sour pickles, veggie relish, jalapenos and onions.

Large bowl of tomatoes to be canned today, yielded 7 pints and three quarts. :) And still, basketloads of tomatoes out in the garden.

Birdhouse gourds! Lots of ’em!

Tomatillos! I have HUNDREDS of them, and will be canning salsa soon!

I am harvesting, and canning, tomatos about once a week. This was today’s haul, along with a few lemon cucumbers. Looks like I have my work cut out for me this weekend. Makes your mouth water just looking at it, eh?

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