Thought it might be fun to go back and see what the main garden looked like one year ago today! Each year, I change the configuration, rotate the crops, etc., so it’s always fun to look back … last year (top photo), there were a lot of tomatoes in the main garden. This year, they are in the crop circle. In the garden this year (bottom photo) are mainly onions, peppers and squash. :)

Here is another first for our garden this year, Golden Hybrid Zucchini plants. Can’t wait to see how these turn out! In this photo, you can see that they are starting to form and should bloom soon. Can’t wait for them to add brilliant color to my garden! Follow the link in this post for more information on this intriguing variety.

It never ends. Ever. :) Three weeks ago, this was bare dirt. Three days ago, it was a carpet of green, three to four inches tall. As you can see, over the past few days, I’ve cleared out much of it, but it’s back-breaking work, as you well know. But it makes for a pretty picture now. In the immediate foreground are our Roma tomatoes.

Farther back are our golden hybrid zucchini and (center), our “Chucky Sue” pumpkin plant.

Today, I see our first “Chucky Sue” pumpkin starting to grow! We’ve never grown these before, so I’m really looking forward to seeing how it does. I gave some friends some of these plants, mainly Sue T. and Jennifer V. Hope theirs do well, too!

My Grandmother Wolf just loved her rhubarb out in the Idaho Falls, Idaho area. Even in her advanced years, she would go out every day and tend to her rhubarb plants. I, too, have fallen in love with rhubarb. Today was our first harvest! Harvesting couldn’t be easier – simply grab one of the large stalks and give it a good twist while pulling on in. Once it snaps off, trim off the end and the large leaf. That’s it! Bring it inside, give it a good wash and you are ready to make jam, pie, tarts, etc.

Still have a long way to go … haven’t even made it to the asparagus yet, but the rhubarbs are now visible again! Here is some interesting information on keeping asparagus beds weed free.

Most readers of this blog known that the “Crop Circle” garden sits in a 28-foot circle in the middle of a circular driveway we put in back in 2007. Of all the gardens on our property, it is my favorite. This year, it is filled with Roma tomatoes, tomatillos, hot peppers (several varieties), sunflowers, lemon cucumbers, and more. This is how it looks as of this morning! Lots of back-breaking work, but oh, so worth it! Come visit and see it for yourself!

I have a lot of friends who tell me they have no luck with peppers and onions here in the Pacific Northwest. I’m not sure what the problem is, as I’ve always had great luck with them. I’ve posted about what I consider to be the perfect onion for the Pacific Northwest before, so I won’t cover that again. But I will say that I always start from seed. Never had luck with the “onion sets,” unless I’m growing them to harvest as green onions.

Picked a Golden Hybrid Zucchini tonight … it was seven inches in length and very firm. Wiped it off over my shorts and had the thing eaten before I could make it out of the garden. I do SOOO love this stuff. And now I’ve got my first taste of it this season … there’s no stopping me now!!

I have written before about my wonderful Golden Easy Pick Hybrid Zucchini plants. I am VERY impressed!

These plants are putting out daily and the squash are very firm and beautiful! More importantly, they are very tasty! The bush is smooth, without the usual “pricklies” you feel along the stems, so you can pluck them bare-handed and not worry about being pricked. These are one of the first varieties to produce in my garden this year, and I’m now a firm believer! If the rest of the season goes as well as the early season has, I’ll be growing these year after year….

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