Due to the La Nina weather pattern this year, we only got several small corn harvests. This was the first, and was about a third of the size we’d normally get. In 2011, we got NO corn due to the extended back-to-back La Nina…

This year, a very strong El Nino weather pattern set up halfway through the growing season. Though we never had triple-digit temperatures, we (Seattle area) set new records for the number of days over 90 degrees, and the longest span of time without measurable rainfall. There were drought conditions (ranging to severe) up and down the entire west coast.

This year, we had a strong La Nina weather pattern set up. In the Pacific Northwest, a La Nina summer starts later, but often ends later. This year, cooler Spring temperatures extended well into summer, but we didn’t have the luxury of an extended growing season. Nor did we break any summertime high temperature records. Because of La Nina, I planted most crops weeks later than normal and the harvests were significantly reduced.

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