02/26/2021 Hive Inspection

Submitted by jimwcoleman

Wow, the weather today was amazing! I noticed hundreds of bees out in front of the hives today and in my flowerbeds so I decided to pull the hive apart while they were out doing their bee duties. What I found made me happy, and proud. In the bottom super, the cells are empty but still surrounded by some honey on the outer edges. There were also partially filled pollen cells. I didn't see any eggs but I didn't look that hard - it's still early and I know the hive is healthy so I wasn't too concerned. The top super still had a lot of honey in it. These bees are well positioned for a split come Spring! There also were thousands of healthy bees on the frames - at least what you would get in a full package of bees. This hive not only made it through winter, it thrived. This hive is the one with the Carnolian queen I purchased last years from Lappe's. I did not observe any supercedure or swarm cells.

While I was in there, I swapped out the top and bottom supers. This will help prolong the life of the frames for optimal brood.

I would like to do an OA treatment but want to wait until morning temps are above freezing.

Life is good, and so is the hive. I will split this in Spring and have two packages ordered to replace the two hives I lost. It happens.

Photo of Jim doing hive inspection

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