Hive stands and bird houses

Submitted by jimwcoleman

Spring is not yet officially here ... but Spring is in the air! Today, I spent most of my time building beehive stands and bird houses. And would you just look at the colors - it almost looks like the kind of Easter basket I would be delighted with each year!

The hive stand goes just beneath the beehive bottom board and gives the bees a wide area to land  as they make their way into the beehive. I will be building more of these so each hive has one and you'll see pictures of them in action throughout the coming year. The birdhouses are not designed for any particular species - they are just generic bird houses. I have found that our chickadees really like them. I do need to build some bird houses for the Purple Martins, though ... they are my favorites!

Photo of hive stands and bird houses

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