2010 Garden Summary

Submitted by jimwcoleman

This year, we had a strong La Nina weather pattern set up. In the Pacific Northwest, a La Nina summer starts later, but often ends later. This year, cooler Spring temperatures extended well into summer, but we didn’t have the luxury of an extended growing season. Nor did we break any summertime high temperature records. Because of La Nina, I planted most crops weeks later than normal and the harvests were significantly reduced. We did end up with zucchini and corn, and a fair amount of tomatoes, but the crops were all smaller than usual and harvests were about half the quantity as in “good summers.” Our hopes for a turnaround were not realized as an even stronger La Nina established itself in 2011.

In addition to that, we observed a small outbreak of tent caterpillars in one of our cherry trees. This type of infestation is often devastating, but we caught it in time and were lucky in that it wasn’t a wide-scale regional infestation. All in all, it was a productive year, but disappointing all around. This was the first of two bad years that eventually led me to build a greenhouse on the Port Orchard property.

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