Birdhouse webcam

Submitted by jimwcoleman

We've all seen birdhouse or bird nest webcams, where you can see inside the birdhouse or observe eagles, hummingbirds and the like in their nests.

I came up with an interesting variation of that. Instead of putting the cam inside, I mounted it directly beside a birdhouse that is mounted high on an outbuilding. That way, I get interesting motion-activated shots of the birds coming and going and can also analyze their behaviors.

That cam is in its fifth year, and it's recorded some very interesting things - particularly the year where a bird feeder was mounted five feet to the right of the cam. The most interesting shots are where the birds are competing for the birdhouse, or are defending it.

But I thought you might like this shot, taken on April 21. Here in the Seattle area, the bird is secondary to the sunshine in the picture. I'm glad I got a picture of it while it lasted. :)

Photo of bird approaching birdhouse

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