Canned Greek Pepperoncinis (with recipe)

Submitted by jimwcoleman

I have a TON of these beautiful pepperoncinis coming on. I bought them from Burpee on a whim and they are growing into beautiful three-foot-tall pepper bushes just LOADED with peppers. When you bite into one, they taste like a sweet pepper with a hint of the classic pepperoncini taste. My only disappointment is that they are not hot, so when canning, I slice open a Serrano pepper or two (also from the garden) and mix it into the jar with the pepperoncinis.

Canning them is a breeze, and very intuitive if you are experienced with canning.

First, your brine should be 2 cups apple cider vinegar, 2 1/2 cups water and 3 tbs canning salt. Boil the brine and set it aside.

Hot pack pint jars with the peppers, adding a clove or two of blanched garlic if you wish. Pack the jar, fill with brine (leaving the required and usual headspace). Top with a dash (up to one tbs) olive oil in each jar, making sure you keep it off the rim of the jar.

Seal jars and process 10 minutes in a BWB. Store for a couple of weeks before using.

I used this recipe some years ago with Italian pepperoncini peppers and was disappointed - the peppers were like mush. I will see how this one turns out. You can always skip processing and just hot pack 'em and eat 'em like refrigerator pickles.

Let me know if you have had any success with pepperoncinis from your garden!

Photo of pepperoncini peppers
Photo of pickled peppers

Submitted by jimwcoleman on Sat, 09/03/2016 - 18:54

I also have a lot of red pepperoncinis on the bushes ... they are ripe. Rumor has it that they finally gain some heat as they turn red. But they also get mushy and soft when ripe, so I didn't process them in with this batch, relying on the Serrano peppers for heat, instead.