Cold weather plants are doing just fine

Submitted by jimwcoleman

It's been an unusually cold and wet winter in the Pacific Northwest. That has made gardening a bit more challenging than usual but even with that, my cold-weather plants are doing just fine. Since the snow stopped six or seven weeks ago, there have been only a handful of mornings where the temperature dipped to freezing, so even with below-average daytime temperatures and enough rain to keep the likes of Noah on edge, my Kale, lettuce, brussels sprouts and cabbage plants have fared well.

I've had some out under the hoops and garden fabric in the raised bed, and others in the greenhouse. The cold-weather plants have fared the best in the greenhouse but they've been outside now for a week or so and are doing just fine. We're still about three weeks from when everything in the greenhouse goes out to the beds, but the cold-hardy plants are already there.

This year, the varieties I chose are these:

Dwarf Green Kale
Winterbore Kale
Drunked Woman Frizzy Headed Lettuce
Golden Acres Cabbage
Brunswick Cabbage

Photo of Kale plants

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