Fermenting hot sauce

Fermenting hot sauce

Lately, I have been fermenting LOTS of hot sauce and producing very tasty, very HOT batches! I started this one today - a half gallon ferment of Hatch chilis, Arbot chilis, garlic and a few jalapenos... This is so hot that I was driven from my own house, with burning airways and a persistent cough - burning eyes, the works. I'm going to love sharing some of this with my brother when it's done!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2016 - 17:30


This half gallon is still fermenting very very nicely! I have it in a dark corner of the bedroom, capped with an airlock. Today I started another half gallon, this time using half-and-half Morita and New Mexico chilis, with some dried Thai chilis added as a what-the-heck. :)

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