FINALLY! A sunny day in the Seattle area!

Submitted by jimwcoleman

After many months of below-average temperatures combined well well-above average rainfall, the sun appeared for a few hours today! My first instinct was to scurry into the greenhouse to get away from it but I figured some limited exposure might be good for me. After a winter like this one, people in the Pacific Northwest can sunburn in five minutes, so one must be careful... ;)

All kidding aside, I was sitting out back watching the gold finches crawling all over my black oil sunflower seed feeder. It sits near this wonderful Yoshino cherry tree. As I was watching them, I suddenly realized that I was seeing it in glorious color! Not the drab smears of winter gray but in vivid color! I just had to grab the camera and get a shot so I would have something to look at when the clouds and rain return later tomorrow....

Photo of Yoshino Cherry tree

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