Hive Inspection - Treated for mites and pulled honey

Submitted by jimwcoleman

In my full hive inspection today, I found a VERY healthy and happy hive. The two deeps and top honey super were very full of calm, hard working bees. Temperature was 72 degrees and overcast but the skies were bright. The bees were calm and left me alone ... until I started shaking them off the honey frames. Then I found myself in a frightful swirl of bees but no worries - I was fully protected.

I have not noticed much of a mite problem but I know they are there, so I treated with two strips of Apivar in the brood chamber. I will come back and remove those strips in early October.

Once that is done, I will add insulation panels to the side of the hive. The custom top I built already has five inches of foam insulation in it and I leave it on year-round. Once all that is done, the hive is prepared to survive a Pacific Northwest winter!

Photo of hive inspection with hives broken apart
Photo of brood chamber with Apivar strip in place
Photo of honey deep for winter

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