Rhubarb beds are doing great!

Photo of rhubarb bed with grandma's rhubarb in it!

My rhubarb bed has come to life! I love my rhubarb for the reasons we all love rhubarb, but I love it even more because there are family "heirloom" rhubarb plants in this bed! The rhubarb at the upper, top right is from the same plant that my mother has in her Arkansas garden! The rhubarb below at at upper left is part of my late grandmother's rhubarb bed in Idaho Falls, Idaho! It's so special to have the exact same plant your loved ones have - especially those far away or departed.

This photo was taken after a compost treatment today - I pitchforked quite a bit of compost into this bed today - a uniform three-inches over the top - and worked it into the soil. The rhubarb will reward this effort with lots of pies, cakes and cookies!

Friday, March 17, 2017 - 05:45

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