Tetra Tints are growing fast!

Submitted by jimwcoleman

Back on February 25, the day I brought home eight Tetra Tint pullets from The Tractor Supply, I said I would follow up from time to time to let you know how they are doing. I had never heard of this variety before. The thought of a Rhode Island Red and Leghorn hybrid made me curious to learn more and thus far, they have been a delight!

I won't allow Rhode Island Reds in my run or anywhere near my chickens. I know many poultry raisers adore them but they've been nothing but trouble to me over the years. They are more aggressive than many other breeds and I've found that they don't always play well with others. Whether or not a mean streak will show up in the these Tetra Tints remains to be seen but thus far, they are the among the most docile, gentle chickens I've owned.

Pictured here, they are about eight weeks old ... nearly halfway to the point where we will start watching for eggs ... those should come in mid-July. Stay tuned!

Photo of Tetra Tints chickens
Photo of chicken with an attitude!

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