Tetra Tints from The Tractor Supply

Submitted by jimwcoleman

Picked up our new chicks this morning from The Tractor Supply store in Port Orchard, Washington.

These are beautiful chicks but as I'd never heard of this breed (or hybrid), I asked one of the workers in the store. He told me they were hybrids bred by The Tractor Supply and said their egg production was to rival that of a sexlink, but that's all he could say. His answers almost sounded scripted, so I took to the web once I got home to see what I could find out.

What I found was surprisingly little. It appears as of they are likely not proprietary to The Tractor Supply alone, but possibly produced elsewhere and sold to a number of brands/outlets. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. The light-colored chicks appear to be a cross between a Rhode Island Red male and a White Leghorn female. When the pullets mature, their head and oftentimes breast and wing tips are tinted red to orange - hence the "tint" in the name. Some of the chicks I got are brown, with lighter highlights. I'm wondering if these are the reverse - White leghorn males bred with Rhode Island Red females. I'm only guessing here - feel free to comment with any corrections or additional information.

The pullets are reported to lay early and often, and produce large cream-colored eggs. I'm looking forward to see what kind of production I get. For now, this will be an interesting experiment. I will update this site often with more information as the girls mature.

Hope I have a lot of egg customers at work this coming season ... I'm going to have lots of big, cream-colored eggs!

Photo of Tetra Tint chicks

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