Gardens covered for winter

Submitted by jimwcoleman
Main garden covered for winter
Crop circle garden covered for winter

Two of the gardens are covered for winter beneath several layers of clear and black plastic sheeting (Visqueen). As you can see, I have a lot of items holding them down and even then, I’m not sure it will withstand the windstorms we get here, but time will tell. Hopefully, I will leave this sheeting on until mid-to-late April. But knowing me, I’ll be itching to start working the soil the first sunny day in February or March. I shall try to exercise patience. :)

Grow lights for strawberries

Submitted by jimwcoleman
Strawberry starts

Here are the bare-root strawberries I purchased and potted Friday. It’s Sunday today (Go Ravens!) and these have been growing about three-quarters of an inch per day. I have them on a table near a back window of our home, with grow lights over them. The lights are on a timer – on at 9 a.m. and off at 11:30 p.m. Just about everything that ends up in the greenhouse or cold frames will go through this process until they can be moved out. It’s still the middle of winter here, so I don’t mind sharing part of my dining room with these berries. :)

Tomatoes and onions

Submitted by jimwcoleman
Tomato and onion starts

Here are the tomato and onion starts near our back window, beneath the grow lights! I have several tables set up – this is the one that gets the best light. The others, near the wood stove, are for seed germination. When the seeds sprout, they are moved here and then, later, into the greenhouse.

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