Checking out the birdhouse

Submitted by jimwcoleman
Photo of bird in mid flight

I put up a new birdhouse on the property (with a cam right along beside it, of course) and got this picture on the first day! No one has moved into the bird house (that I know of) but there were several birds checking it out. This particular one spent quite a bit of time flying around the birdhouse and landed on the front perch several times to give it a closer look!

Birdhouse Cam

Submitted by jimwcoleman
Photo of bird near birdhouse

I have a webcam right near the entrance of a birdhouse on our garden shed and, quite often, get some rather remarkable pictures. Here's one from last weekend! :)

Stellar Jay

Submitted by jimwcoleman
Stellar jay

I don't like Stellar Jays - they are obnoxious, loud and they chase the other birds from the bird feeders. But I will readily admit that they are very pretty - and every now and then, I get a good pic of one. This photo was snapped by one of our home security cams ...

Don't forget about your wild birds in the winter

Submitted by jimwcoleman
Birds at bird feeder

Many people, especially in colder/wetter climates, take down their bird feeders during fall and don't put them back out until Spring. But there are probably hundreds of birds in your area that still need to eat! Did you know that hummingbirds will visit your feeder all winter long? Just be sure to keep the food fresh! Here, my wife, Linda, got a photo of the activity on one of our black-oil sunflower seed feeders...

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