Fruit trees

Buckets of cherries

Submitted by jimwcoleman
Photo of cherry bucket

Here in the Pacific Northwest, cherry trees are everywhere... And this time of year, there are thousands and thousands of cherries on each tree. I went out today to pick some cherries and got this large bucket full of just off of a couple of branches. Usually the birds and raccoons will have gotten them all, but this tree is such a prolific producer... There is always plenty left over!

My fig tree is figging!

Submitted by jimwcoleman
Photo of figs on tree

This is a branch from Kim Hedahl's tree in Silverdale, Washington. It is a cutting, basically a branch with some root on it. I put it in the ground a couple of years ago and have been patiently watering and fertilizing it. This season starts it's third year on this location and I walked out today to see little figs on it! I have two other young fig trees (from a nursery) that were planted at the same time, but they aren't coming along nearly so well and so fast as this Hedahl cutting...

FINALLY! A sunny day in the Seattle area!

Submitted by jimwcoleman
Photo of Yoshino Cherry tree

After many months of below-average temperatures combined well well-above average rainfall, the sun appeared for a few hours today! My first instinct was to scurry into the greenhouse to get away from it but I figured some limited exposure might be good for me. After a winter like this one, people in the Pacific Northwest can sunburn in five minutes, so one must be careful... ;)

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