Harvesting and canning tomatoes ... still!

Submitted by jimwcoleman
Photo of tomatoes with peppers
Photo of good tomato harvest
Photo of tomatoes

Here are three different photos of the tomatoes I have brought in on three different days recently. Many (if not most) of the tomatoes never ripened on the vine, so I brought them into the house, put them in shallow boxes, put a ripe banana in each box and covered the boxes with newspaper. It took a while, but they are turning all at once, and that's keeping me busy!

In one of the photos, you can see the (mostly) Serrano peppers that I harvested today, as well. Lots and lots of canning going on here!

Golden "Easy Pick" zucchini harvest coming on strong!

Submitted by jimwcoleman

I have written before about my wonderful Golden Easy Pick Hybrid Zucchini plants. I am VERY impressed!

These plants are putting out daily and the squash are very firm and beautiful! More importantly, they are very tasty! The bush is smooth, without the usual “pricklies” you feel along the stems, so you can pluck them bare-handed and not worry about being pricked. These are one of the first varieties to produce in my garden this year, and I’m now a firm believer! If the rest of the season goes as well as the early season has, I’ll be growing these year after year….

Another awesome tomato harvest

Submitted by jimwcoleman
Large tomato harvest

Actually, they are running about every other day right now … but that will soon switch over to daily. I picked tomatoes two days ago, anything with much of a hint of red. Those are now being made into salsa, even as I type this… Here’s today’s haul – yes, they are not all ripe yet, but they will be in a day or two in the boxes, covered with newspaper, with a fresh green banana in each box. It’s over 90 degrees outside right now (!), and tomorrow will be another day near 90, so I’m hoping this harvest continues for the foreseeable future.

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