Canning tomatoes

Submitted by jimwcoleman
Photo of tomatoes on kitchen counter

Getting ready to can the second batch of tomatoes this season, with lots more coming. Canning tomatoes is hot, tedious work, but, like I say...

The only thing I hate more than canning tomatoes is not having canned tomatoes available when I need them.... :)

So here goes.... Turn on the stove and being out the ice bucket...

My wife's weird Sungold tomato plant

Submitted by jimwcoleman
Photo of unusual tomato plant

This is one of two Sungold tomatoes that I put in containers for my wife. I do this every year so she can just reach out and snag a handful of tomatoes when the urge strikes. This particular plant, though, just has an unusual growing pattern ... if it were straightened, it would stand nearly seven feet tall. Instead, it curves a bit to the left and wiggles off in one direction and then another ...

We jokingly call it "Jack and the Tomato-stalk!"

Another awesome tomato harvest

Submitted by jimwcoleman
Large tomato harvest

Actually, they are running about every other day right now … but that will soon switch over to daily. I picked tomatoes two days ago, anything with much of a hint of red. Those are now being made into salsa, even as I type this… Here’s today’s haul – yes, they are not all ripe yet, but they will be in a day or two in the boxes, covered with newspaper, with a fresh green banana in each box. It’s over 90 degrees outside right now (!), and tomorrow will be another day near 90, so I’m hoping this harvest continues for the foreseeable future.

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