First hive inspection

At first, I saw no evidence of eggs in either hive. Called Stedman's and was told to look again. Sheyanne said it can be very hard to spot eggs in old comb. I looked again ... I did finally spot some eggs, but not many. I couldn't find a dozen on one frame, but I was in a hurry to get the frames back in. Did not spot queen in either hive but again, I had the hives open twice in one day and was in a hurry to get them closed. Bees in Hive A were pretty much okay with me, but bees in Hive B were very very agitated. Could also be that I removed the slatted rack from hive B and that changed the hive configuration enough to piss them off. Bees in Hive B were really storing sugar water/nectar in the existing comb. Not so much in Hive A. Observed no new comb building in either hive.

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