Pulled 10 frames of honey from Hive B

The honey came from the top deep super of a 3-deep hive (Hive B), leaving a brood box on the bottom and another full super of honey above it. The frames were pulled at noon. Temperature was in the mid-sixties and overcast. I did not use a smoker and the bees, while active and not happy, were manageable. On examination, I saw a bit of brood on one side of one frame, so I popped it into my other hive, trading it for an empty frame on that hive. That leaves me a net nine frames of honey to extract tomorrow morning.

When pulling the frames, I had an empty super waiting nearby in a wheelbarrow. I put the frames in that, covering them with a towel. I closed the hive and wheeled the wheelbarrow halfway to the house. There, I removed the frames, brushed off the last few stubborn bees, and carried them into ANOTHER empty super in the house. Once done, I rinsed the honey off the wheelbarrow and whatever dripped onto the back porch.

Tomorrow will be extraction day. This should be interesting as it will be my first time. :) I will update this with a video in the coming days.

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