Insulated bee hive

Added foam panels insulation around beehive, keeping Vivaldi board ventilation open at the top. Have been noticing very little activity at the hive, which has been a bit concerning. Nights are getting cold and the hive is in shade most of the day now ... did see about ten bees flying about the opening yesterday during a short sunny period.

Hive inspection - pulled honey, treated with Apivar

Pulled the honey - not a whole lot in the top super, five partially full frames. But it will give me a taste... :) They have a full deep super of honey for winter, so I didn't cut into their stash. Also treated for mites with two strips of Apivar in the brood chamber.

Temperature was 72 degrees, skies were overcast. Bees were very calm. Until I started shaking them off their honey frames ... all hell broke loose, haha.

Put out open feeder

Yeah, I know. They can attract bees with disease, yadda yadda yadda. But bees with disease can also rob out my hives. The dearth is strong so I chose to put out on open feeder on the far end of the property. This resulted in hundreds (if not thousands) of bees and yellow jackets swarming the feeder, dive bombing into the pool, etc ...

It's official - DEARTH

Bees found eight full frames of honey that were in storage in the barn. They've been there since last season but one lucky bee found its way in and told all her friends. There were hundreds of bees and yellow jackets in there. Suited up and removed the bees. The dearth is on... Temps have been in the mid to high nineties and I can't remember that last time it rained. That's odd for the Pacific NW. Everything is tinder dry.

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