Hive inspections - A and C

I inspected Hive A yesterday and saw eggs. So yes, the bees made their own queen. She is mated and is laying eggs. But last night, I thought about my suspicion that I may have set the swarming into motion with my frame swapping the month before (I took a full frame of brood and bees from the middle of the brood super and put it up into the middle of the empty top super to try to encourage the bees to start drawing foundation.) So this morning, I swapped them back. Not sure if THAT was a good idea, as the brood is gone and that frame now is nearly full of uncapped honey.

Hive A has a mated queen

Today I inspected only Hive A - the hive that swarmed. Earlier in the week, I observed what I was sure was a mating swarm. That must have been what it was as today's inspection showed eggs in one of the frames! Looks like she's just starting out, as I only spotted them on one frame. I did not see the queen but I did not look for her that hard, either. Still no new comb building going on but one super is fully drawn.

Hive A Swarming again?

It appears that Hive A just swarmed AGAIN - second time in eight days. But this was weird ... I heard the loud humming (a little after 4 p.m., with the summer sun still well up in the sky), so I went over to the hive and it was totally enveloped in flying bees. There were also bees bearding over the front and crawling up the front of the hive. There was a large swarm cloud of bees over the hive, and I shot lots of video. But they didn't go anywhere.

Hive Inspection - B and C

Today, I inspected hive C - the newly hived swarm hive (the swarm left from Hive A, was captured, and put into a new hive, C, eight days ago). Since this hive has a queen, I figured eight days elapsed since the swarm would be okay. The bees were put into a brand new hive (single deep super) with no drawn foundation ready for them. They are beginning to draw foundation over several frames and I saw eggs and uncapped larvae. looks like the queen is getting down to business in her new home.


One of my hives (I first assumed Hive B but it was Hive A) swarmed today. Fortunately, I was home. Fortunately, they landed on a branch of my cherry tree. I was able to capture the hive and move it to a new hive. Unfortunately, this brand new hive is right next to the hive they vacated. I've never captured a swarm before so while the capture was a success, we'll see how the placement works out. I shot a full video and will post it later.

Hive Inspection - Added super to Hive B

Hive B is still going like gangbusters! I added a third deep to the hive today ... let's see what they can do with that!

Hive A seems to be struggling again. Bottom deep is very full but even though I swapped a full frame into the empty upper super, they still haven't made any effort to draw out the frames in the top (deep) super. But there is a lot of hive activity and the hive is packed with bees on all frames ... except the nine empty ones in the second (top) super.

Added notched inner covers

Did not do hive inspections this week. Removed both hive tops and took the inner covers out. Using a Dremel, I notched them for bee access and ventilation (the notches go on the front.) Replaced both inner covers and put the tops back on the hives. Lots of activity in both hives.

Great hive inspection

Today's hive inspection was about as good as I could hope for.

Hive B - usually very aggressive, seems to have calmed down some. There was still syrup in the hive top feeder but it had gone bad. Of concern were about 200 dead bees in it - that's quite a lot in one week. I removed, cleaned and stored the feeder. They are starting to build comb in the upper deep super.

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