Mid-season hive update

Hive 3 (C) - This is a strong hive out in front of the house. I put a super on it the other day in preparation for the nectar flow but then realized that I hadn't really checked to see how full the supers were. Today I saw lots of healthy capped brood in the brood chamber and some frames of sugar water stored in the upper super but that's it. I removed the empty super. Hive looks very healthy.

Hive 4 (D) - This was the big surprise today and is pictured above. This hive was queenless a month ago. I haven't seen as much activity at that hive as I have at Hive 3 (both hives were packages installed April 25) so I didn't expect much. But on opening the hive, I found frames  of FULLY drawn out and capped brood (pictured above). This hive will explode in another week or so when that brood starts hatching out.

Hive 6 (E) - This was part of a split. It's been weak and they lost their queen. I ordered a Carnolian queen and installed her but they had made their own queen, it turns out. Not sure yet which queen won out on that one. I added two full frames of brood to the hive last Thursday that I got from a beekeeping friend. Hive looks stronger and busier. Time will tell. 

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