Reconfigured all three hives

Hive 3 (out front): Added a honey super. This was the hive I added one to some weeks ago and then took it off as it wasn't ready. Today it's ready. Also pulled some frames and saw a nice brood pattern.

Hive 4: Added a second deep to it. The first deep is filled out nicely with brood and honey. Not all the way to the edges as the end frames aren't drawn, but there is enough congestion to merit it.

Hive 6: Built a ventilation box similar to what the other hives have and added it today. This also gives them an enlarged top opening rather than the tiny hole. Up to now, that hive has had little ventilation and the summer heat is starting to build. Saw brood in this hive too - and an unusually high number of drone cells clustered near the bottom of one frame ...

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