Got new chicks, I think they will be beautiful hens, and, hopefully, good layers!

This hydrangea was full of beautiful blooms last fall, probably should've trimmed it then, but, here we are, so I removed the dead canes, and trimmed back the rest, gee, I hope I didn't overdo it! I'll post later this year with blooms!

Broken branch on rhody , Closeup of the damaged branch , Rhody repair done

This Rhody had some damage from all that snow we had, most popped back up after it melted, had to take the loppers to this one, also trimmed up some of the low hanging branches.

We just put 24 eggs into our incubator... 12 each day. So in three weeks, it will be interesting to see what kind of mutt ugly cross breed chickens we get!

The rooster is a Barred Rock... The hens are Black Australorp, and Tetra Tints...


This should be fun... :-)

Look what I found hiding in a recess in one of the small structures on my property. I was out doing maintenance today and found this little guy ... After a bit, he flew away but was kind enough to let me take pictures first.... :)

In the indoor container