Rookie mistake

Submitted by Muscovymom

If I might share a rookie mistake with ya'll.... I had read about companion planting, and thought, wow what a great way to maximize our limited space this year! Well I didn't do enough research. I planted my carrots under the tomato and bell pepper plants. Now I don't know if they didnt get enough sun, or if the bigger plants are taking all the nutrients, but, I have 3-5ft tops, on 3in carrots! I don't remember my gramma's carrots ever having tops that tall. And she had nice long, plump carrots every year.

Tomatillos update

Submitted by Muscovymom

The tomatillos and yellow pear tomatos are now taller than I am! The other tomato aren't far behind. Lot of balloons on the tomatillos. And all of the tomato have fruit on them except the heirloom pineapple which is still blooming :)

Bell pepper?

Submitted by Muscovymom

So.....I bought this as a sweet orange bell pepper. It looks very much like a jalapeño to me.....???? Do bell peppers grow this shape? Or did I get a mismarked plant? I'm a new gardener, so any input would be greatly appreciated. Thx!

Look what I found in my cherry tree!

Submitted by jimwcoleman
Photo of raccoon in cherry tree

I was out picking cherries yesterday from one of our backyard cherry trees in Port Orchard, Washington. This time of year, all the cherries are ripening so it's always a mad dash to try to beat the birds to the sweet, red crop.

As I worked the lower branches, I heard a noise up above. Looking up, I saw this.

Apparently, it's not only the birds I'm competing with!

First egg from Tetra Tints!

Submitted by jimwcoleman
Photo of small egg in hand
Photo of small egg in frying pan

We got our first egg from the Tetra Tint chickens, at 18 weeks and 3 days! We have two different colors of Tetra Tint chickens - white chickens and red chickens. The white chickens are larger than the red ones, but the first egg came from a red one.

We have had these chickens since last February. I am very fond of them. Thus far, it has been the best flock I've ever had. Very easy chickens to raise, very stable temperaments and large, gentle chickens.

Good eggs, too!